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Application Forms

Full Plans Applications

A Full Plans application is used where detailed plans have been prepared. The plans will be thoroughly checked by us, for compliance with the Building Regulations. If we are satisfied that the plans comply, a notice of passing will be issued. Should further information or clarification be required we will contact you.

The plans need to show full constructional details of the proposed works. This requires a thorough working knowledge of the Building Regulations and construction in general. For this type of application you are advised to seek professional advice if you do not have this knowledge.

When submitting a Full Plans application the following should be included:

Building Notices

The Building Notice procedure allows for building work to be carried out without the need to submit full plans.

Carrying out work without the benefit of plans being checked and approved by us, relies on the person doing the work being confident about their knowledge of the Building Regulations. We put greater emphasis on inspecting the work and it is likely that additional and/or more detailed inspections will be made.

A Building Notice is best suited to minor works and can only be used in connection with certain types of buildings, mainly domestic, if you are considering using this procedure for other building types please contact us for advice, prior to giving the notice.

When submitting a Building Notice the following should be included:

The charge payable is the sum of the plan and inspection charge, all of which is payable at the time the Building Notice is given.

Regularisation Applications

If you have already carried out work to your property and were then advised that you needed approval, this is the application that needs to be used.

For any work carried out after 11 November 1985 it is possible to apply to us for a Regularisation Certificate. The application should include the application form, a plan of the unauthorised work, and a charge that is 150 per cent of the Full Plans application charge. This type of application is, however, exempt from VAT.

After acceptance of the application, we may require the applicant to take such steps as are necessary to ensure that the relevant requirements of the Building Regulations are met. These could include, opening up the unauthorised work for inspection, making tests or taking samples.

We will notify the applicant of any work that is required to be carried out to show compliance or if no work is required. Should the relevant requirements of the Building Regulations be satisfied or if no work is required, we will issue a Regularisation Certificate.

Download Full Plans and Building Notice forms from your local council