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Site Inspections

Once a Full Plans application has been deposited or a Building Notice given, work can commence on site. The Building Regulations require that you or your Builder notify the Council at various stages as listed below. The stages are dependent upon the type of work being carried out and are provided by each council as part of documents returned to applicants with Full Plans approvals or Building Notice acceptances.

Please note: Planning permission and/or other approvals may be required before work starts. If in doubt or for advice please contact your local Planning Department before work commences

How do I arrange an inspection?

Unlike approved inspectors, we operate in close proximity to projects being carried out within each respective district of Cumbria, allowing us to make ‘same day’ inspections available on request.

Inspections can be requested by phone, email or in writing. Please contact your local authority building control office to arrange a mutually convenient time for an inspection: